Amy and Chris – Jubilee Farm Wedding Video

The thing I love about what I do is that each wedding video is different because each wedding is different. Each edit that I do is hand-crafted for that couple and their special day. I don’t have a pre-selected template or idea of how I’m going to edit a wedding video; I go where the footage takes me. And sometimes there are even special pieces we throw in later that really add to the final product. Case in point – Amy and Chris, who were married in September 2016 at Jubilee Farm in Leonardtown, a town in southern Maryland. Our wedding videographer, Gail, did a wonderful job capturing the vintage feel of this wedding. As always, we followed the footage and the couple’s unique day and it ended with a wonderful encapsulation of the spirit of the wedding.

But sometimes, even after the edit, we’re not done. Sometimes we add color grading that gives each wedding film a unique feel. This is often based on the theme of the wedding – a fall wedding may feel more warm, a summer wedding may feel blue or red – or sometimes the feel is just unique to that wedding. So, after watching Amy and Chris’ wedding, we realized that the wedding had a classic feel, a fallback to the 70s – perhaps because of the setting – Jubilee Farm. We ended up adding some color grading that added to the vintage, old time film feel and we were just enthralled with the final product. We were hoping the couple was also. And they were.

We hope you enjoy their Wedding Trailer  –  a Jubilee Farm Wedding Video.

The Wedding Trailer is a 7-10 minute recap of the wedding day, mixing different music of your choice, along with the sights and sounds of the day. Choose from this, our Full Wedding Highlights (20-30 minutes), our Wedding Short (3-4 minutes) or a combination to create the wedding video package that is just right for you.