Ashley and Ronnie – Anchor Inn Wedding Video

Halloween is here, which means fall is in full swing. We are, of course, in the height of our busy season, both videotaping all of those fall weddings that have become so popular as well as editing all of the summer and fall weddings.

We’re also still trying to catch up on posting all of our past wedding video that we have available online.  This brings us to Ashley and Ronnie’s Anchor Inn Wedding Video. The Anchor Inn is located on the water in Pasadena, Maryland. One of the best parts is that it is a Catering by Uptown facility. They have the yummiest food by far of all the caterers. I mean lobster bisque during cocktail hour…Awesome!

We hope you enjoy Ronnie and Ashley’s Wedding Highlights video. We’ve changed our style a lot since we filmed this, but I think you’ll agree that capturing the beautiful location scenery and touching moments has always been our forte.

Craig and Brooke – Bulle Rock Wedding Video

In our further attempt to eventually link all of our wedding videos available on Vimeo to our wedding website, here is Craig and Brooke’s Bulle Rock wedding video. The handsome couple was married in July 2011. The ceremony took place at Trinity Lutheran in Joppa, MD off of Mountain Road. The reception followed at the amazing Bulle Rock golf course in Havre de Grace, MD. This is their Wedding Highlights reel.

If you’ve been to Havre de Grace, you recognize the iconic water tower as you approach the round about to get in the front gates of Bulle Rock. The sun setting over the green hills of the golf course is an amazing backdrop for wedding videography (and photographs of course:)! The ballroom inside is impeccably perfect for a first class wedding experience as you’ll see in Brooke and Craig’s wedding video. We’ve done a number of weddings at this venue and we love them all, but this wedding stood out for the amount of fun that the guests seem to have dancing. Check out some of the end dancing scenes. Look how many people are on the dance floor! Amazing!

One other note, for picture taking purposes, there is an old rustic barn you’ll see in the video that sits near some fenced pastures, both of which are great for creating memories. It is a short drive form the venue, but well worth it. We hope you enjoy their video.

Nick and Molly – Radisson Lord Baltimore Wedding Video

As we continue to catch up in the postings of all of the venues we have filmed at, so that you may search our website by venue, we come to Nick and Molly. This is very good timing to post this wedding because despite the fact that their Radisson Lord Baltimore wedding video was filmed back in 2011, we are about to film Molly’s sister’s wedding coming up in August 2015. Like Molly’s sister, Molly and her husband’s wedding ceremony took place at The Baltimore Basilica, which is the country’s first cathedral. It’s full name is The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a Catholic church located in Baltimore, Maryland. You’ll see from their full length highlights reel, that the cathedral is beautifully ornate. A full restoration was completed a few years ago, but then further work had to be done following an earthquake a couple of years after that. You’ll see in the video, it was well worth the wait – a beautiful venue for a wedding.

Nick and Molly’s wedding reception followed at the Radisson Lord Baltimore Hotel, an historic venue also located in downtown Baltimore, MD. What will strike you about this ballroom when you enter it is the size. It is huge and the perfect place for a large wedding with many guests plus a band, all of which Nick and Molly had. There is also a balcony one floor up that overlooks the dance floor – a great location to get photos and video. We hope you get a sense of the space and possibilities by viewing their Full Wedding Highlights video.

What was also unique about this wedding film for us was that it was our first fore’ into the Wedding Trailer offering. Our Wedding Trailer is a shorter, more succinct version of our Wedding Highlights, something quick and easy to share with friends and family. Moly had requested such a video, and although we had never done one before, we agreed in order to win her business. Little did we know that a new offering was born. In actuality, a regular offering of a Wedding Trailer didn’t come until a few years later, but is now one of our most popular options. Our Wedding Trailers today look much different than back then, but I hope you enjoy this throwback version.

Mike and Amanda – Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Wedding

Mike and Amanda were married in July 2011. Their wedding ceremony took place at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Baltimore, MD. The reception followed at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront hotel also in Baltimore, Maryland right down in the Harbor East area on the Inner Harbor. At the time, this hotel was a relative newcomer to the Baltimore scene as Harbor East was still in it’s toddler stage. The area has now grown into a destination behemoth with a number of great hotels including the new Four Seasons, and a bevy of fine restaurant dining establishments.

If your guests are coming from out of town, this Marriott is a great location to have a wedding. First, I believe it is the largest hotel in Baltimore that can accommodate the most people. Everything, including the aforementioned restaurants, Inner Harbor and a nice move theater are in walking distance.

If you are considering a Baltimore Marriott Waterfront wedding, take a look at Mike and Amanda’s wedding video to get an idea of how the hotel puts on a wedding. I have been to many conferences at this hotel in addition to weddings and they do everything great. Their customer service is top notch. They are right on any concerns and their many ballrooms to pick from look great when gussied up for your wedding day.

Christin and Greg – Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Video

Christin and Greg got married in September 2011 at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club in Stevensville, Maryland. The ceremony and reception both took place at the club. This is an awesome location with beautiful scenery of the Chesapeake Bay and Bay Bridge right out the reception hall windows.

This fabulous couple has one of my favorite wedding stories of all time because of the adversity that they fought through to pull off their dream wedding. First, let me tell you that their wedding was originally supposed to be several weeks earlier in August 2011. However, on the day of their wedding, Hurricane Irene struck Maryland.

As an aside, I have several friends in the wedding industry who told me that they actually worked that day in the middle of the hurricane. And indeed I had planned to. I remember being on the phone with the wedding coordinator several times that Friday getting updates on the plans. They had thought about moving everything earlier in the day to get finished before the really rough weather came through. Alas, it came down to the decision by Queen Anne’s County (where Chesapeake Bay Beach Club is located) to evacuate, so the wedding had to be postponed.

It was set to several weeks later on a Friday evening. However, this evening, the area again received torrential rain storms, making travel, especially around the Bay Bridge difficult. Again, Christin and Greg’s wedding had to be delayed… but this time only for a few hours. The pastor who was marrying the couple got stuck on one side of the bridge and could not make it in time. This allowed for some creative rearranging – The couple moved the cocktail hour before the ceremony and were eventually married a couple of hours after they originally intended when the pastor finally made it across.

But the greatest part – through it all Christin and Greg seemed happy. They didn’t care – never complained – nothing but smiles all night. They knew their time would come for their love to be united, and indeed, it did. I even featured their story in an article I wrote for Perfect Wedding Guide.

Take a look at their Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Video and let us know what you think.

Brooke and Craig – Bulle Rock Wedding Video

Brooke and Craig were married in July 2011. Their ceremony took place at Trinity Lutheran in Joppa, MD, right up off of Mountain Road as you get off of 95N. The reception followed by hopping on 95N and heading north a little ways up to Bulle Rock Golf Course in Havre de Grace, Maryland. Havre de Grace is a nice, little small community in Harford County, right before you get to the Maryland and Delaware state line.

If you’ve ever been up that way, you probably are familiar with the Havre de Grace water tower, which you see in their wedding video. The golf course as well as the reception location in the clubhouse is beautiful. This particular wedding was the first time we filmed up there, but we were impressed.

They also let us go down to one area in the Bulle Rock community where there is a barn and farm and take some cool photos. We kind of just hung out in the background and got some nice footage of Brooke and Craig getting their photos taken.

You can check out all of the cool scenery and hip location by watching this Bulle Rock Wedding Video!

By the way, if you love the way the wedding planning turned out, which we’re sure you do, Brooke is now a wedding planner! So contact her to plan your special day and make it completely stress free and beautiful.

The Lord Baltimore Hotel – Nick and Molly’s Wedding Video

Nick and Molly were married in June 2001. The wedding ceremony took place at The Baltimore Basilica, which is the country’s first cathedral. It’s full name is The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a Catholic church located in Baltimore, Maryland. You’ll see from their full length highlights reel, that the cathedral is beautifully ornate. A full restoration was completed a few years ago, but then further work had to be done following an earthquake a couple of years after that. You’ll see in the video, it was well worth the wait – a beautiful venue for a wedding.
Nick and Molly’s wedding reception followed at The Lord Baltimore Hotel, an historic venue owned by Radisson, and also located in downtown Baltimore, MD. I’m not sure how many different rooms the venue has available for weddings. I have filmed a number of weddings there and they are always in the main ballroom, so it might be the only area that can hold a wedding in the hotel. But I will say, it is a very large room, perfect if you are having a large number of guests, but still want lots of room. I would guess Nick and Molly had over 300 guests and a full band, but the room still accommodates a huge dance floor and plenty of space for guests to move around.

There is also a balcony above the room that offers great views of the dance floor as the evening wears on. This is definitely an upscale venue.

Please enjoy Nick and Molly’s wedding video and let us know what you think of both The Baltimore Basilica and The Lord Baltimore Hotel. Please call us at 410-929-5170 to find out about availability on your wedding date or request more information about our services, including packages and pricing.

Great Room at Savage Mill Wedding Video

Emily and Kenny were married in June 2011. The wedding ceremony took place at St. Augustine’s in Elkridge, Maryland. This was the first and only time that we have filmed at St. Augustine’s, a very ornate and beautiful Catholic Church. One cool thing that happened after the ceremony is that members of the Elkridge Volunteer Fire Company showed up with an engine for the bride and groom to pose in front of. Kenny is a volunteer with the company.

The reception followed at The Great Room at Savage Mill. This is a really cool place for a wedding reception, located with the Savage Mill Foundry. Kenny and Emily’s wedding was also the first time we had filmed at this location, although we have filmed there many times since. If you haven’t been there before, check out the bridge, which I think also has old railroad tracks on it. It is a beautiful spot for taking photos. If you don’t believe us, check out Kenny and Emily’s Great Room at Savage Mill Wedding Video below. You can also watch Ky and Kristopher’s wedding video that also took place at The Great Room.

Getting married at The Great Room? Interested in wedding packages? Check out our package information and request pricing information through our online form! We look forward to speaking with you.

Holiday Inn Wedding Video – Matthew and Joyce

Matthew and Joyce were married in July 2011. The ceremony took place at Church by the Chesapeake in Port Republic, MD. The reception followed at the Holiday Inn in Solomons Island, Maryland. Below is their Holiday Inn wedding video.

For their wedding highlights video, Matthew and Joyce got to pick the music they would like in their video and we masterfully mixed the music they chose with other sound form their wedding day, such as their vows, ring exchange, priest speaking, and toasts. They also were abel to review it and make as many revision as they liked as many times as they liked before we finalized their DVDs. So, they got a real opportunity to make their wedding video their own and get it just the way they liked it.

There were some really cool moments at this wedding, but our favorite has to be when Joyce’s brother, who was deployed and unable to make it to the wedding called in during the reception. The DJ put him through to the dance floor as a surprise. Watch as Joyce hears her brother’s voice and they talk during the reception. It is truly a heartwarming moment.

One of the things I love about this job is the ability to connect people. Having friends and relatives in the military can sometimes make planning a wedding difficult when you know they will be unable to make it. Often times, couples tell us the main reason they want a wedding video is so that a loved one who is deployed can see the wedding that they are unable to attend. We take this responsibility very seriously and feel great that we can provide this service. We’ll also make the videos available online at no additional charge so that your loved ones can see your wedding video as soon as it is finished.

If you would like more information about our packaging and pricing, please visit our website or request a free brochure.