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Michelle and Jesse - First Dance
Michelle and Jesse – First Dance (c. In Motion Video)

Responsive and Responsible!

What are you looking for when hiring a vendor,  whether it be for your wedding or otherwise? Certainly talent and affordability.  But undoubtedly customer service and responsiveness are at the top of the list. We are always here to answer your questions quickly so that you understand exactly what to expect from us leading up to,  and on,  your wedding day. We are constantly available via telephone or email and will get back to you quickly with answers.

In Motion Video and has been in the video business for more than a decade. We are all local to Maryland and Washington,  DC, having lived here all of our lives. You’ll get to meet with us and go over the details of your wedding day. The professionals at In Motion Video are not hobbyists like a lot of wedding videography companies. And we’re not a photography company that tacks on wedding video as an afterthought to make additional money.

All we’ve been doing for the last decade is producing professional video projects so we know how to produce the best wedding video and audio quality using today’s HD (high-definition) technology so your wedding will always look and sound its best in the memory of friends and family.

We promise two things. First,  we will have a professional attitude AND appearance,  showing you the respect you deserve on your wedding day and being dressed appropriately. Second,  that you will get the best wedding video at the best price – our value is unsurpassed. Our depth of experience creates a worry-free day for you so you just enjoy yourself and we’ll take care of the rest. When you choose In Motion Video,  it is truly time to celebrate.


Areas We Service

We provide wedding videography services in Baltimore, the District of Columbia and all of the surrounding Maryland counties.

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